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Singer Sues Carrie Underwood Over ‘Sunday Night Football’ Theme Song



A singer is claiming that Carrie Underwood stole her song for the ‘Sunday Night Football’ theme song, according to TMZ Sports.

Heidi Merrill filed the suit stating that her song ‘Game On’, which she made in 2016 and released on YouTube in 2017, was stolen.

Merrill claims that she met with Mark Bright, Underwood’s producer, at an event in Nashville, Tennessee back in August 2017 and asked if Carrie would be looking to create a new song for the 2018 NFL “Sunday Night Football” show open, adding that she submitted the song to Bright.

Merrill says that she was told that Carrie’s camp had decided to pass on using the song, but Merrill says that Underwood used the song for ‘Sunday Night Football’, and was shocked to see NBC promoting a secret new theme song back in September 2018, which ended up being called ‘Game On.’

Merrill says Underwood’s version is “substantially — even strikingly — similar, if not identical” to her original, and is now suing Underwood, Bright, NBC, and the NFL for copyright infringement.

At this time, it is not known what she is asking for in the lawsuit, but it is clear that she isn’t too pleased about how things went down.

This is Merill’s song ‘Game On’:

And this is Underwood’s 2018 theme song for ‘Sunday Night Football’.

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