UFC’s Macy Chiasson Files Lawsuit After Dallas Crane Crash

UFC fighter Macy Chiasson has filed a lawsuit against her apartment complex along with the Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. following a crane crashing into her apartment building, which killed one resident, according to CBSDFW.

A crane collapsed on the apartment complex near downtown Dallas, Texas on Sunday as a storm moved through the area, making it uninhabitable.

According to CNN, the wind gust was reported to come in at 71 mph as the storm hit the area.

Chiasson lived two floors below 29-year old Kiersten Smith, who died in the accident, and Chiasson was able to escape with her dog, cutting her foot on glass in the process.

“I heard a little bit of something, and I was like, ‘There’s no way that they’re doing construction right now on a Sunday,’” Chiasson said, according to TMZ. “All of the sudden, when I said that to myself, I heard a loud boom. I could hear, whatever it was, kind of falling through the ceiling floor by floor. Once I heard that, I called my dog … and we ran out.”

Now Chiasson, who says she is homeless, is taking the fight to court.

“I’ve completely lost everything. I don’t have anything. I have literally this shirt, a pair of shoes and shorts that I have on. I have nothing but my dog. Everything’s gone.”