Raiders’ Antonio Brown Facing Civil Lawsuit Over Bill

Another day, another drama involving Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown, who seems to be proving to be a nightmare for his new team with each passing week.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Brown is facing a civil lawsuit which alleges that he stiffed a chef’s bill, one that reaches close to $40,000, during Pro Bowl festivities back in 2018.

Stefano Tedeschi, who is also known as “The Sports Chef”, filed the lawsuit in Osceola County in Florida back in July 30th, and claims that the balance of $38,521.20 remains unpaid.

Brown apparently hired the chef to prepare food for multiple days during his stay at an Orlando-area mansion, which Brown was renting, and tasked the chef with performing a culinary show, along with other services, for nearly 50 Pro Bowl teammates and other guests in attendance.

Tedeschi claims that Brown never paid and never gave a reason for why he has not paid his tab, adding that Brown wrongfully terminated the agreement and did not allow Tedeschi to retrieve his equipment and food from the premises.

Tedeschi claims that he paid staff members out of pocket for their work and forwent other work opportunities by committing to Brown.

“I’ve cooked for countless NFL superstars and celebrities,” said Tedeschi.

“Never once have I had one problem [until this]. My food is so good, and my mannerisms in someone’s home is second to none.”