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BREAKING: Antonio Brown Is Released by Raiders



Antonio Brown asked and the Raiders gave him what he want. The Oakland Raiders have released Brown according to multiple sources.

This morning, he posted this to his Instagram Account asking for the Oakland Raiders to release him.

Since March, the Raiders acquired Antonio Brown via trade by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then, there was the Cryo Chamber foot injury followed by “helmetgate” where he fought the league twice wanting him to wear a different helmet. Yesterday, he posted a video, a well produced video on his YouTube Page him and head coach John Gruden talking and Coach Gruden asking Brown if he really wants to be a Raider. Then in a press conference, he apologized to the fans and teammates for his actions. Now we have this piece of news that he is no longer with the team.
Antonio Brown will be a free agent at 4:00 PM Eastern where he can sign with any team for any amount of money.