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Denver Broncos

Broncos’ John Elway Calls Out Garrett Bolles for Penalties



Garrett Bolles

Denver Broncos president of football operations/general manager John Elway has had enough of the holding penalties that have plagued the career of left tackle Garrett Bolles and is not hiding his frustration.

Bolles has again been plagued by penalties this season, and despite help from teammates and a top notch offensive lines, the issues continue.

Bolles may be running out of chances in Denver, despite his first round draft status.

“Obviously it hurts us [Sunday] at different points in the game. … You know a lot of times, even though we overcame a couple of them, they’re a drive-stopper,” Broncos head coach Vic Fangio said, according to ESPN’s Jeff Legwold. “We’ve got to be able to block our guy without holding.”

Bolles has indeed been flagged for 26 holding penalties in 34 career games and Sunday’s game was extremely frustrating as he was flagged four times during the Broncos’ loss to the Chicago Bears.

Elway is also expressing his frustrations with Bolles.

“Well, it’s got to stop. Period,” Elway said, during his weekly appearance on KOA NewsRadio. “There are no more excuses for it. He’s had 26 holding penalties in the last two years and two games, so it’s got to stop. The bottom line is if he thinks he’s getting singled out, he is. He’s got to understand that. He’s got to understand what he’s doing. And that was my question [Sunday], ‘Does he know what holding is?’ Does he know what he can and can’t do?’ If he thinks he’s getting targeted, he’s got to realize he isn’t. We’ll keep working for it and he’s still a talented guy. He cannot do that because it’s beating us.”

Bolles seemed to place blame on the officials for Sunday’s terrible performance.

“It was frustrating,” Bolles said.

“I’ve built a reputation for myself in this league of holding. I disagree with it, to be honest. There are some calls I disagree with, and there are some things that I understand. … But I have the best O-line coach in the National Football League with Coach Munchak. … I’m going to turn this around. I promise you all that. I promise Broncos Country that. I promise my teammates that. That was just unfortunate that they keep coming after me, but it is what it is.”

Current Broncos teammates, and former players such as Mark Schlereth have seen the issues, with Schlereth, in particular, taking issue with Bolles’ “stubbornness” in changing his technique stating on his morning radio show in Denver that Bolles “flat out can’t play.”

Anthony DiMoro is the creator of Sports Rants and the CEO of Elite Rank Media and DiMoro Enterprises LLC. He is a former Contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post where he covered sports, social media, and SEO. Anthony hosts the Anthony DiMoro Show podcast, and formerly hosted the 'Forbes SportsMoney Podcast'.

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Denver Broncos

49ers Acquire Emmanuel Sanders



Emmanuel Sanders

The San Francisco 49ers have acquired veteran wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders from the Denver Broncos, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

San Francisco is sending a 2020 third and 2020 fourth round draft pick to Denver, in exchange for their 2020 fifth-round pick and Sanders.

“It’s hard any time you break up,” Sanders said, according to CBS 4 Denver’s Michael Spencer. “We had a great run out here in Denver, lot of great teams.”

Sanders, 32, stated that he is ready to “get out to San Fran and showcasing my talent, meeting the guys, and hopefully add my explosiveness and capabilities to their system.”

“When I think about this situation, I think about the eight-year-old kid or the 12-year-old kid that has my jersey on,” Sanders said. “I’m no longer part of the Broncos organization. For those fans out there that enjoy watching me play, that always brought energy and always sent me positive messages and rooted for me no matter what — the ups and downs — I really appreciate you guys and I’m forever grateful and thankful.”

The 6-0 49ers now add a veteran receiver with a Super Bowl championship to his name.

Sanders has 30 catches for 367 yards and two touchdowns in seven games this season with the Broncos, his sixth season with the team.


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Denver Broncos

Brock Osweiler Retires from NFL



Brock Osweiler

Veteran quarterback Brock Osweiler officially announced his retirement from the NFL on Wednesday.

Osweiler, who played for the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, and Miami Dolphins during his career, steps away from the game at the age of 28 and has not signed with a team during 2019.

Osweiler, who last played for the Dolphins in 2018, said that he is “extremely grateful for the time I did receive playing in the National Football League”, according to 9News in Denver’s Mike Klis.

“The experiences I did have, people I did meet, relationships I did make — I’m not going to dwell on the things that didn’t happen in my career.

“Being a kid from Kalispell, Montana, playing for the Denver Broncos, winning a Super Bowl, having the opportunity to sign a second contract — when you look back on it, I couldn’t be more appreciative. It was great.”

Osweiler is best known for his performance during the 2015 season, when he filled in for an injured Peyton Manning to go 5-2, and help the Broncos earn the AFC’s top seed en route to their Super Bowl 50 championship.

His performance in 2015 helped him land a $72 million contract with the Texans.

“That 2015 season is something that is very special,” Osweiler said. “The coaches, the players, they mean the world to me. I was thankful to have had the opportunity to play the role I did, but that was the ultimate team deal. There was a ton of talent on that football team, but I would say we were the closest of all teams in the National Football league. Our culture was beyond anything that can ever be created. It was so genuine, so real that I think any coach or player on that team would have done anything for anybody in that building that year.”

Osweiler didn’t last long in Houston, who traded him to the Cleveland Browns, who released him prior to the 2017 season leading him back to the Broncos.

“I have my health. I have the ring. There’s a lot of things I still wanted to accomplish. And I have a lot more left in the tank. But, hey, sometimes you don’t get that opportunity. And given that, it’s all good,” Osweiler said.


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Denver Broncos

Mike Shanahan ‘was close’ to Returning to Broncos



Mike shanahan

Longtime Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan says that he was ready to return as head coach of the Broncos following the 2018 season, but that it ultimately “didn’t work out”.

Shanahan says that he and John Elway, the Broncos president of football operations/general manager, had extensive discussions following Vance Joseph’s first season at the helm, which resulted in a 5-11 record.

“I was close, I was close,” Shanahan said, according to ESPN’s Jeff Legwold. “One thing that has to happen is you all have to be on the same page. One thing you’ve got to make sure of when you are a head football coach that the owner, the GM, the quarterback are all on the same page. And if it doesn’t happen the chances of you winning the Super Bowl aren’t very good. … I had a great conversation with John as everybody knows, it didn’t work out, sometimes it works out for the right reasons.”

Shanahan, who had not attended a Broncos practice since back in the 2008 season, attended a practice in July

“It’s great to be back … great to see them, great to be a part of it,” Shanahan said on Saturday. “… John’s invited me back several times over the years … And Vic and the coaches, with Scangarello being here … it was time to get back here and kind of enjoy it and the years we had with the Broncos.”

“You always miss coaching, but it’s been five years,” Shanahan said of his hiatus from head coaching. “I made the decision a long time ago, right when I got fired, I said if I didn’t get the right job right away, where you had a chance to win a Super Bowl, that I was probably going to do what I’m doing, being a dad, kind of following your son, the organization, being a part of it.”

“Mike’s always been a big part of this organization,” Elway said. “And it’s nice to get him back out, in my mind it was never really closed, but it was nice to get the communication back — I’ve played some golf with Mike … it’s always good to see him out here because I always enjoy talking football with him … glad he was able to come back and know that this is home to him.”

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