Meet Sifu Matthew, Wellness Expert and Healer to Pro Athletes and Stars

Sifu Matthew

With technology and modern medicine evolving almost every single moment, athletes and celebrities alike are always looking for the next great resource to get to a better place, from a health and wellness perspective.

Sifu Matthew, known as “The Injury Whisperer,” is a Kung Fu Master, world renowned healer, athletic performance expert and founder of The Martial Arts of Wellness (MAOW™) and is now making a name for himself among athletes and celebrities alike who have benefited from his expertise.

Sifu Matthew has helped thousands heal from injuries and conditions that did not respond to any other form of treatment. His clients include NBA stars, professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, business executives, Goop, and the military.

Sifu Matthew is gaining recognition and buzz for his approach to healing. He uses his ability to rapidly heal body tissues, ligaments, nerves, and bones using the electromagnetism of his own body and is currently participating in a healing study at a leading university research hospital that is documenting the science of his healing method to affect swift change in an array of conditions.

Sifu’s resume speaks for itself. He teaches advanced corporate wellness programs and Executive Warrior and Healing Training Camps across the country, carries black belts in Judo and Jiu Jitsu and is one of only five people certified as a Sifu (Master) under Sifu Alan Goldberg in Wing Chun.

Sifu Matthew is certified to teach Bagua and Liangong, and Five Phases of the Swimming Dragon under Sifu Gerald Sharp.

Currently, Sifu Matthew is  in residence at the Carillon Resort & Spa in Miami Beach offering his unique healing and energetic fitness methods.

Additionally, he is gearing up for his Healing Warrior Force Retreats in Miami Beach for men and women in September at the Carillon.

Sifu Matthew has helped NFL legends, such as running back Eric Dickerson, with injuries, as you can see in the video below:

His work has extended to include many others, such as Olympic gold medalist Miki Barber, whom he helped with nerve damage.

Sifu Matthew has been making strides in the wellness and injury recovery field, and he is a name that everyone, not just athletes and celebrities, should be keeping their eye on for the future.

You can visit his website right here.