Mets’ Pete Alonso Breaks MLB Rookie Home run Record

Move over Aaron Judge, your rookie home run record is no longer.

New York Mets’ rookie sensation Pete Alonso jacked him 53rd home run of the season on Saturday night to move past the New York Yankees slugger and set a new record for homers hit by a rookie.

Judge set the record back in 2017, when he surpassed Oakland Athletics’ superstar Mark McGwire’s previous record.

“It’s surreal. It was almost like an out-of-body experience,” Alonso said of the achievement (h/t ESPN). “Unbelievable moment.”

“I was just kind of thinking about all the greats in the game of baseball. I was thinking about guys like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, guys like Aaron Judge,” Alonso said, “and the fact that I’m ahead of those guys as a rookie, it’s mind-blowing.”

“He’s not moved to tears often,” Alonso’s mother Michelle, said during the Fox telecast of the game. “So for him to feel that reward and be moved to tears, that warms my heart because I was certainly falling in my seat at the moment at the same time. It was a family cryfest.”

“I usually never video his at-bats because I get superstitious,” she said. “Now I have that forever.”

Alonso’s father also reflected on his son’s record setting homer.

“When that ball was in mid-flight, it was all flashing in front of me,” his father said. “It was like an out-of-body experience.”

When discussing the likelihood of his record being broken by Alonso over the weekend, Judge offered to take Alonso to dinner during the offseason.

“He’s paying for it? Oh, dang,” Alonso said. “Is he picking where we’re eating or am I picking? I’ll talk to him. But if he’s picking the place, it’s probably McDonald’s or something, because I eat a lot. But if I get to pick and it’s on him, then it may be like Peter Luger [Steak House].”


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