4 Most Popular and Loved Sports in the World

Paul Pogba

Different types of sports are played all over the world as a career, hobby, or as a part of fitness routines. Since the concept of sports was introduced, it gained popularity over time. Today, hundreds of sports are being played in the world. People love them and like to watch their favorite players on the field. The rules and characteristics of playing these games are vigorous and governed by international bodies. There is no denying that sport is one of the biggest sources of entertainment in the world.

Billions of people are following them. Out of hundreds of sports, most are included in the Olympics, where people from around the world gather and compete against each other. Here are a few most popular and loved sports. To learn about them, stick to this article! 

Football or Soccer 

Billions of fans and one sport! Football is by far the most famous sport on the planet. More than half of the world’s population that is estimated over 4.0 billion consider themselves to be football (soccer) fans. Though ancient soccer has been traced in the early 2nd century in China, football or soccer began in England from where it spread to the other parts of the world. However, football is the most popular in America and Europe as compared to other parts of the world. 


With over 2.5 billion worldwide, following cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. It is mainly popular in England, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Caribbean. Originated from England, it is ruling in the Indian Subcontinent, Australia, and England. The game quickly became popular in all the lands where Great Britain once colonized. They left the lands, but one thing which never left was cricket. It is a religion and a source of patriotism. 


Over 450 Million people around the world love and admire golf. It is primarily famous in Western Europe, East Asia, and North America. This modern sport was originated in Scotland from where it spread to the UK and the rest of the world. It is now a major sport in Japan, the US, UK, Australia, and Korea. Many people have started to take an interest in this modern and sophisticated sport. If you are interested in this sport too and want to learn and improve your game, then Monster Golf Swing System is the best option for people of all ages. It helps golfers in achieving the results they desire. If you want to learn more about it, you can visit this link https://www.phil-mickelson.com/monster-golf-swing-system-review/


Without any surprise, basketball has over 1 billion fans around the world. Many people consider that basketball is the most famous sport in the world and yes it has kind of gained massive popularity outside America. Today, it is becoming a big sport in Canada, China, the Philippines, Spain, Turkey, Australia, France, Germany, Poland, and other European countries. It will be safe to say that based on how quickly it is gaining popularity, basketball will become the top sport shortly.