5G and How It May Revolutionize the Sporting World

Even if you have only a slight interest in what’s going on in the mobile internet world, you have

Even if you have only a slight interest in what’s going on in the mobile internet world, you have probably heard about the 5G network. 5G is the newest wireless network technology that is soon to open for widespread public use. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that 5G is better than the current 4G network. 

With increased bandwidth capacity, the possible applications are plentiful. And, one of the promising applications is revolutionizing how fans enjoy their favorite sports game. 


  • Smoother Stadium Experience


Stadiums are one of the places that are a nightmare to tap into a network provider. With so many people connecting to only a couple of mobile network centers, congestions and high latency is a common thing. As a result, even sending or receiving text messages may take a while. 

This is all soon to change with the 5G network. The reason for this is the 5G can provide you more data capacity per hertz. Basically, because of the increased capacity, it will remedy the problems related to network congestion and high latency. The increased capacity also allows for exciting innovations. 

For example, 5G allows 200 megabits per second, and that means that a fan can playback a 360-degree camera within the stadium instantly and without lag issues. In more exciting words, you can check instant replays in slow motion from different angles via your smartphone. 

The increased speed and larger capacity also mean that it can open a world of better stadium experience from finding your seat to easy and instant ticket upgrades. 


  • Armchair Fans


The 5G network benefits not only the stadium goers, but also the armchair fans. With increased bandwidth capacity, it means that a fan can stream live games at an up-to-the-second rate at home. However, the 5G innovation doesn’t stop there. 

Newer generations are rabid adopters of innovative streaming mediums. It’s one of the reasons why the Sacramento Kings and Verizon are experimenting with a 360-degree camera positioned beside the scorer’s table. Since it is a 360-degree camera, a fan with a VR headset will feel much closer to the game than ever before. 

The biggest benefit of 5G is that it allows increased capacity. Thus, it solves the problem of congestion and high-latency areas and events such as stadiums and popular sporting events. Furthermore, it can even step-up the entertainment factor by having enough bandwidth to stream 360-degree cameras and pave the way for virtual technologies. 

There’s also a possibility that it will explode the current ways of enjoying sporting events like on Togel Singapore


  • Virtual Technology and 5G


Network operators are also exploring the idea of fusing together virtual technology and 5G network. 

The Dallas Cowboys and AT&T are experimenting with different Augmented Reality (AR) ideas. For example, you can use a smartphone to have a picture taken with up to five AR players of your choosing. You can also use a smartphone to check out a 36ft AR hologram of different players. 


At the moment, network providers and sports franchises are working together to explore the many possible uses of 5G in the sporting world. While it is true that 5G is still at its early phases, it’s safe to assume that a sporting fan’s experience will be brought to new heights with it. 

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