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Tyson Fury/Deontay Wilder Rematch Prediction



I feel that in the lead up to their 1st fight, Fury was living in Wilder’s head rent free. But In this lead up, Fury seems a bit bothered that Wilder is more relaxed and allows no entry to his head this time around.

Fury is and will always be better at boxing than Wilder, Fury is better schooled. Thing is, that you can’t teach what Wilder has and even if you tried to teach Wilder new tricks, I get the sense that Wilder wouldn’t be the slightest bit interested in learning these new tricks.

Wilder reminds me of a Bruce Lee quote, something about not fearing a man that practices hundreds of different punches or kicks, fear the man that practices the SAME PUNCH hundreds of times.

As I hinted above, Fury is everything that Wilder is not and vise versa, I mean it doesn’t take a boxing purist to see that Wilder has horrible footwork and no fundamentals but he has perfected distance and uses his inactivity to his advantage.

Wilder realizes that throwing and missing the bombs that he throws are extremely tiring, so he risks getting outwitted and outworked until the distance is favorable, and then boom goes the dynamite.

True that it’s very risky to box in such a way, but Wilder is not a boxer, he’s 100% fighter, which is why Wilder doesn’t shoot the jab the way Lennox Lewis would, Wilder instead flicks it from his hip. I agree that it’s a idiotic idea to shoot the ruler from the hip, ESPECIALLY when you have an insanely long reach, but hey, Wilder is going to do what Wilder is comfortable with.

I like Wilder’s mindset better for this one, his confidence seems sky high this time around. Give me Wilder by 9th round TKO. #FuryWilder2

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