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Agent for Redskins’ Trent Williams Says Team Needs to Release Or Trade Left Tackle



The agent for veteran left tackle Trent Williams says that Williams’ current team, the Washington Redskins, has stated once again that the organization has not acted in good faith regarding Williams and has again demanded that the team either trade or release the star left tackle, according to ESPN’s Jeff Keim.

“Despite its knowledge of the irreconcilable differences, Washington was unable (or unwilling) to negotiate a trade of Williams” Taylor said. “The team then gave Williams and his representatives the right to seek trading partners. Williams’ representatives provided the team with trading options, but the Redskins have shown no interest in negotiating in good faith, and, in fact, have given inconsistent demands on what it wants in return for a trade.”

Redskins new head coach Ron Rivera had spoke with Williams over the phone earlier this offseason and the two also met in person, briefly, for a couple of minutes.

The Redskins have granted permission for Williams to seek a trade, back on March 5th, but numerous reports indicate that the team is looking for a good return in any trade, unwilling to just give him away.

Per reports, the team is looking to get a second round pick in return, but they have also indicated that they would be flexible with the compensation.

However, the Redskins have left the majority of the task of working out a trade on the shoulders of Williams and his reps.

Williams would count $12.5 million against the cap if the Redskins kept him on the roster, and Williams cannot hold out for a second season. If the Redskins release Williams, it would save them $10.5 million, but they would receive nothing more than financial cap relief.

“Throughout the process, Williams has maintained his silence and not spoken negatively about the team nor has he pursued potential legal actions. This seems to not be a successful strategy. Players who are outwardly critical of the team do get traded.”

“Although Trent Williams will always love and respect Dan Snyder, his teammates, and the Washington Redskins’ fans, he wants to be traded or released. It’s time for the organization to act in a manner that is in both Williams’ and the team’s best interest.”


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