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Braves Great Tom Glavine Says Players At Risk for Blame if Season Cancelled



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Former Atlanta Braves’ legendary pitcher Tom Glavine believes that if the baseball season is ultimately called off, players run the risk of shouldering the blame for the season not being played in 2020, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Both Major League Baseball and the Player’s Union have been negotiating a shortened season amid the coronavirus pandemic. The league says it could lose around $4 billion even if a season is played and that those figures relate to player compensation this year.

While the two sides agree to a prorated salary based on games played back in March, owners voted to propose salaries be based on a 50-50 revenue split last week.

Glavine has experience in dealing with shortened season, as he served as a players’ union representative during the 1994-1996 baseball strike shortened season.

“If it were to come down to an economic issue and that’s the reason baseball didn’t come back, you’re looking at a situation similar to the strike of ’94 and ’95 as far as fans are concerned,” Glavine said. “Even if players were 100% justified in what they were complaining about, they’re still going to look bad.”

Glavine also said that “revenue split to the union is a scary proposition.”

Glavine warned that players shouldn’t talk too much about their pay during these times.

“The accessibility thing was a miscalculation on my part,” Glavine said in the article. “I just felt like if I did an interview on the radio or TV, if I had five or 10 minutes, I could make somebody understand what was going on and come to our side. That just wasn’t going to happen.”

Glavine also understood the health risks associated with a return to play during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I understand that a big part for all of us in getting back to our normal is to have sports back,” Glavine said. “But you can’t dismiss a player’s concern for his health or his family’s health any more than you would dismiss your own concerns.

“If I was playing today, I wouldn’t say, ‘Hell no, I’m not playing.’ But of course I’d have a concern that once you step out that door and you go back into that world, there’s a chance you’re bringing something home to your family. It’s 100% fair for players, coaches, everybody to be concerned about that.”


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