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Ex-MLB Manager Art Howe in ICU with Coronavirus



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Former Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics, and New York Mets manager Art Howe, who also played in the majors, is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit with the coronavirus, according to KPRC 2 in Houston.

Howe, 73, told KPRC 2 he felt the first symptoms of the virus on Sunday when he experienced chills that made Howe’s entire body shake “like a leaf”.

Howe then explained that after he tested positive for COVID-19 he went into isolation where he began feeling “total fatigue” and also lost his sense of taste.

“Never experienced anything like it before,” Howe said.

Howe said that he “wasn’t feeling much better at all” following a few days, and his symptoms worsened, forcing the decision to take Howe to the hospital, via ambulance, on Tuesday, where he currently remains.

While Howe said he is seeing slight improvements in his health, he says the process is slow and he is still waiting to go 24 hours without a fever, which he needs to do in order to be released. That has not happened yet, and Howe still has no taste.

“That’s the thing. My tastebuds still aren’t there. I know I should eat but nothing at all makes you want to eat.”

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