Cowboys’ Stephen Jones Confident in Dak Prescott Deal

Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys were unable to work out a long-term contract with franchise quarterback Dak Prescott by the time of the July 15th deadline, but it appears there are no concerns that a new deal will be completed.

Cowboys executive Stephen Jones is confident that the two sides can reach an eventual agreement on a new deal to keep Prescott in Dallas for years to come.

“We had a great visit with him at the deadline” Jones said, via the official team website. “We pushed to try to have a few more changes…to see if we could get it done,” Jones said. “But he’s got such a great outlook on the Dallas Cowboys…he’s ready to go out and win a Super Bowl, which would only create more value for him, more value for the Cowboys.”

Jones made it clear that the team wants a long-term deal with Prescott.

“We’re fired up about it and still have nothing but 100 percent belief in Dak and his future with the Cowboys…He’s special. As Jerry and I have said, we are 110 percent behind him, and ultimately feel like we’ll get this done,” Jones said.