Ken Shamrock Call Out WWE Underground Segments

Ken Shamrock

Former WWE superstar and current Impact Wrestling wrestler Ken Shamrock took to Twitter to send a message to WWE about their ‘RAW Underground’ segments that have aired the past two weeks on Monday Night RAW.

It appears that Shamrock isn’t too impressed with what WWE is doing with the segments, and suggested that Vince and Shane McMahon get in touch with him if they want to improve.

“Hey @WWE and @shanemcmahon next time you guys want to do some worked shoots on #RawUnderground and actually make them look good, you got my number, give me a call!” Shamrock said on his official Twitter page.

Shamrock, 55, has looked impressive in his run with Impact Wrestling, but has not been shy about his desire to return to WWE, and perhaps land in the Hall of Fame.

Adding Shamrock to the segments would go a long way in legitimizing the concept, and incorporating open challenges, and surprise combatants, could be an instant ratings boost on a consistent basis that would also help make it a “must see” part of RAW each week.