Rams’ Aaron Donald Talks Adjusting to New Defense

aaron donald

The Los Angeles Rams will be moving to a new defense under defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, who took the reigns from Wade Phillips, and superstar defensive tackle Aaron Donald is making the adjustment to a new scheme.

“Just being here, being able to walk-thru the defense and actually be on the grass, getting a little feel for how it’s going be and how I can play in it and put my own swag and own style to it, so I can be successful in the defense,” Donald said in a Wednesday video conference, per Pro Football Talk.

Given how important that Donald is to the Rams defense, it is important the Donald has been able to workout this offseason, and recently had the chance to work with his new coordinator.

“The first day, you’re out there, there’s different things that are kind of rocky, the next day you feel a lot more clean, a little bit more of an understanding of how I have to play things” Donald said.

“Like I said, the same way, I can put my own little twist to it, but not do it to the point where I’m messing up the defense. Each day is going to keep getting better. We’ve got good things going in that’s not just going to help me, but help a lot of guys around us. I’m definitely excited about it.”