Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw Slams Extra Inning Rule

los angeles dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw isn’t a fan of the league’s extra-inning rule, and says that it is “not real baseball”.

“It’s not real baseball,” Kershaw said of the rule (h/t ESPN). “But it’s fine for this year, and I hope we never do it again.”

The comments came on the heels of the Dodgers victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks in 10 innings on Wednesday night.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is on the opposite side of the fence than Kershaw, and said that he likes what the league has done this season for extra inning games.

“I didn’t know how it was going to play out and how it was going to be received, but as we’ve had some runs with it, I really like it,” Roberts said. “I think it really shortens the game. It adds strategy for the fans, the managers, the players.

“I think it’s playing out pretty well, and our guys have done a really good job in the situation. I like it permanently. I don’t like it for the postseason.”