Carson Wentz Remaining Eagles Starting Quarterback

Carson Wentz

It has been a rough season for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, who struggled again as the Eagles lost to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

Despite Wentz’s down year, the team is sticking with him as their starting quarterback.

“If you get to that spot, whether you don’t start him or bench him, you are sending the wrong message to your football team that your season is over and that is a bad message,” Pederson said, according to the New York Post.

“This business is about work, this business is about detailing, having ownership, things I talk about to the team, that is what we have to do as coaches and players, it is not one guy, this sport is bigger than one guy.”

“With the way the game was going and the elements and we were just really a score from putting ourselves back into this, I did not consider (making a quarterback change),” Pederson said. “No questions about it, he’s our starter.”

Wentz has thrown 14 interceptions on the season.

“The media, you guys can ask whatever questions you want. I know that’s part of the deal.” Wentz said. “It’s always a scrutinized position, playing quarterback. That’s what I signed up for…going back to high school. So I can take it, I can wear it. It is what it is.

“Are we playing as good as we can as a team? No. Am I playing my best football? No…You guys can ask whatever questions you want, but I’m just going to put my head down and go to work.”

Pederson stuck with his commitment to Wentz during his weekly radio spot on Monday morning with WIP in Philly.

“At that position, this late in the season when that happens, sometimes people take that as we are looking into next year or preparing for next season and giving some of these young guys an opportunity to play,” Pederson said. “Jalen is preparing himself each week to play and that’s what a backup quarterback should do.

“My perspective is we have to get it fixed with Carson Wentz. That’s where my trust and faith lies, we can get it done. That’s where I am at. By no means am I saying that I don’t have trust or faith in Jalen. It’s a matter of getting the corrections done with Carson.”