Dodgers Targeting Nolan Arenado Trade

los angeles dodgers

The World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers are looking to once again make a major blockbuster trade this offseason, to mirror the trade that landed them Mookie Betts last offseason.

According to MLB Network insider Jon Morosi, the Dodgers are interested in a trade with the Colorado Rockies that would land them prized third baseman Nolan Arenado.

“One source said Thursday that the Dodgers — who have liked Arenado for years — remain interested in trading for him. If anything, there are more reasons to believe in the viability of an Arenado trade with the Dodgers today than last offseason, when his future was a dominant industry topic.”

Arenado, 29, grew up as a Dodgers fan in Lake Forest, California, and would almost certainly waive his no-trade protection to help facilitate a trade to the Dodgers.

With Justin Turner a free agent, it makes sense that the Dodgers would be interested in the likes of Arenado, or Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant.

It’s worth noting that Arenado’s $35 million salary would make him the Dodgers’ highest-paid player next year, if he is acquired.