Excel Esports Announces Tottenham’s Dele Alli as Global Ambassador


Excel Esports has officially announced that Tottenham Hotspur player Dele Alli will be their first global ambassador, agreeing to a long-term partnership with the footballer.

Alli’s partnership with one of the fastest growing esports teams is aimed to ‘bridge the gap between sports, gaming and esports’

“Everyone who knows me knows my biggest passion outside of football is gaming and after becoming increasingly involved in the industry over the past few years, it seemed like joining forces with an esports team was a natural step for me to take.” Alli said in an official statement.

“What drew me to EXCEL was the fact it’s the biggest British esports brand in the country and competes at the top level of esports but as well as this, I love the fact the brand was born out of a passion for gaming and the values it upholds.

“My knowledge of being a competitive athlete is something I believe can really benefit EXCEL’s roster of talent as they continue to strive to be better every single day but I’ll also be looking to further my own knowledge and understanding of this truly exciting industry.”

“EXCEL ESPORTS competes at the highest level of gaming competition. Following the recent launch of the new EXCEL and our vision in The Power of Better, we’ve been looking for a person who’s our own inspiration in getting the best out of ourselves” Excel’s new CEO Wouter Sleijffers said. “Therefore, we’re very pleased that Dele is coming on board to support us in our new, purpose-led journey.

“Dele knows better than anyone what it means to reach and stay at the top and also exhibits true passion and professionalism that is so prevalent in our own competitions. We look forward to working with Dele to develop our talent, utilise his advice and skill set to guide EXCEL forward and help us ensure we aren’t being complacent with our new ambition.”