Ryan Tannehill Discusses Derrick Henry’s Usage Rate

Derrick Henry

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry may have seen his usage rate dip a bit to start the season, but quarterback Ryan Tannehill says it is part of the plan.

The Titans are keeping Henry’s usage rate lower than they have in the past in an attempt to keep him as fresh and healthy as possible for a postseason run.

“Yeah, I mean that’s been by design,” Tannehill said, according to TitanInsider’s Terry McCormick. “He started off the season on a really high rate of carries per game and something that’s probably going to be unsustainable not only as you get deep into this year or into his career. Wanted to take something off his plate there and give our other guys some opportunities to make plays.

“Derrick’s going to continue to be a huge part of our offense and the workhorse that he is. But it’s been by design to keep his carries to a manageable level, a level to where he can still go out and make some huge plays for us and get into a rhythm but where he’s not getting 40 carries a game and stacking up an insurmountable amount of reps. So really just trying to be smart and diligent with that. We know that Derrick’s going to go out there and do a good job anytime he’s in there.”

Henry has rushed for 946 yards and 8 touchdowns this season for Tennessee.