Wolves Esports Partnering with NACL

Wolves Esports

Wolves Esports is teaming up with the North American Collegiate League (NACL)) to celebrate the launch of their 2020-2021 Championship series.

The NACL is a non-profit esports, media and entertainment firm, and they host and put on twitch streams, gaming tournaments and more around the world.

Four gaming tournaments (PUBG, Rocket League, FIFA 21 and Fortnite) will see a number of Wolves prizes offered, and includes an opportunity to try out for their esports teams as well.

“This is another exciting project on our esports road map” Russell Jones, General Manager for Marketing & Commercial Growth at Wolves said in a statement. “This collaboration with NACL will enable us to engage with a primarily North American gaming audience through four competitive tournaments.

“The very best players will have the opportunity to engage with and play against our professional teams. These sessions will be designed to nurture talent and provide pathway information into professional esports.”

“The NACL boast partnerships with more than 220 colleges and universities worldwide, through in excess of 100 online tournaments and live events” David Chen, Founder of NACL commented. “We are delighted to be able to offer our players the opportunity to try-out for their professional teams, competing at the very highest level of esports.”