Jason Varitek Talks Coaching Job with Red Sox, Goal to Become a Manager

boston red sox

The Boston Red Sox brought in legendary catcher Jason Varitek to join their coaching staff in November as their new game planning coordinator, but Varitek is looking to accomplish a bigger goal of managing a team down the road.

“Become a manager, that’s the ultimate goal,” Varitek said, according to the Boston Globe’s Peter Abraham.

Varitek has worked with the catchers over the past several years, but is now taking on a bigger, more regular role with the organization.

“Being there full-time allows you to be even more hands-on,” Varitek said. “For me, it’s an opportunity to keep learning. There’s always a family dynamic working part-time as opposed to full-time. We’ll see how that shakes out however long [next] season is.

“It’s a change, but it’s a good one. I’ll get an opportunity to learn more about the game.”

Varitek will not only continue to work with catchers, but will also work with pitchers on how to attack opposing hitters using tools such as analytics, for example.

“I’ll work with the catchers and pitchers and be a liaison with the analytics people,” Varitek said. “Whatever comes my way, I’ll help out. It ends up being the same thing I have been doing, helping the players grow. There are no set parameters.

“Catching is only one aspect of the game. Every day you learn something different. I’m very happy being on the staff.”

While he remains hopeful of an eventual opportunity to manage a team, he is appreciative of his new gig.

“That’s not something I’ve been presented with,” Varitek said. “In the current environment I’m a completely faithful employee working on the staff under Alex.

“I’ll do what I can to help the players make the most of their ability. Things change over time and if it came up down the road with any team, I’d definitely have to consider it, no question.”