Kenny Omega Talks AAA TripleMania XXVIII Event in Empty Arena

Kenny Omega

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega has had a busy schedule the past several weeks as he has carried on his regular duties with AEW while appearing on Impact Wrestling and also at AAA TripleMania XXVIII last month.

Omega is used to big crowds, and while AEW has some fans in attendance for AEW Dynamite on TNT each week, AAA TripleMania XXVIII took place in an empty arena.

Omega successfully defended his AAA Mega Championship in a match against Laredo Kid at the event that took place at the Arena Ciudad de México in Mexico City, Mexico.

“One of the things that made the Mexican experience for me going there was not knowing what to expect from the crowd” Omega said, during an appearance on the Talk Is Jericho podcast.

“It’s always gonna be different” Omega continued. “Every country is. I’ve had great experiences in Canada, the US (United States), Japan.

Chile was another place that blew me away, with just how crazy those fans can get, and it fills you with all kinds of energy.

“But, Mexico is very unique. They’re loud from the start to the finish. So, for me to kind of have my first experience at TripleMania quite some time ago in front of 35,000 people – It was incredible.”

“So to go to that same building for another TripleMania” Omega described. “We’re in the same building, but it is very close quarters, a very intimate setting. It looked like we’re going to appear on a talk show, there’s commentary people, but we also had a couple like big wig executive guys sitting on sofas around the ring.

“We had to deal with the commentary guys at a booth” Omega described. “They had the plexiglass separation between each other for social distancing and all that, but to be there with that without that noise – It was odd.”