Brad Stevens Talks About Calls In Favor of Hawks’ Trae Young

Trae Young

The Boston Celtics aren’t too pleased with how Wednesday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks was officiated, especially when it came to calls in favor of Hawks’ superstar guard Trae Young, and head coach Brad Stevens aired his issues following the 122-114 loss to Atlanta.

“It’s very difficult. It makes it very difficult” Stevens said of guarding Young, according to The Athletic’s James Weiss. “It’s the (James) Harden stuff where in an ideal world you make those people uncomfortable. You keep them off balance and you’re physical and you’re into them,” the Celtics coach said. “When they have all the tricks and have the ball on a string, and sell fouls, I think that at the end of the day, it’s hard. It’s just hard to put pressure on those guys.”

Boston was whistled for 27 fouls in the game, whereas the Hawks were only called for 18, but the issue Stevens has is how Young is being officiated in the same manner as Brooklyn Nets’ guard James Harden.