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AEW Beats Out WWE By Returning To Live Event Touring In July, But Is Too Soon?



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As the country gradually begins to return to normalcy from COVID- 19, wrestling fans got some great news today when AEW announced that they will be returning to live event touring this July in Miami, Austin, and Dallas.

“We’re so appreciative of our fans in Jacksonville who have been with us these past nine months, ” said Tony Khan, CEO, GM and Head of Creative of AEW. “Their support and incredible energy have lifted us week after week, and viewers have fed off their enthusiasm and support. Daily’s Place will always be our home.

“Looking ahead, we’re thrilled to welcome our fans back to become part of the action in Miami, Austin and Dallas. We’ve missed touring cities, meeting the fans and hearing their roar during our live shows. Please be assured, we are working closely with the venues to comply with state and local regulations in each city. Miami, Austin and Dallas are the first of many as we gear up the trucks to travel around the country again! ” Click here for AEW’s official press release, including make up dates for St. Louis & New Orleans.

While the announcement made a majority of the fans happy, the question remains if July is still too soon to begin touring again with live crowds? AEW has done a tremendous job with holding select crowds at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL the past few months. The promotion has followed all the right measures of social distancing the fans in the 5,500 seated venue and making sure everyone in attendance maintained following proper Covid-19 protocol during the entire show.

By AEW selecting cities that have fully opened up their doors during the pandemic it may offer fans some sense of mind to fans hesitant of attending. Fans should be reassured that the events will be held in compliance with state COVID safety guidelines, and seating capacities will adhere to state and local mandates. The promotion has earned a major win over WWE in returning to live touring before them. WWE had tried to lock down a location for Extreme Rules in July, but it was later announced that the event will emanate from the Thunder Dome at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, FL.

Only time will tell if AEW made the right call by taking their show back on the road but if UFC can do it, as well as MLB, then why not pro wrestling? Welcome back!

Jeff Burga is the creator and host of the HSP Podcast on the HSP Media YouTube Network. He is a former Contributor for & is currently a producer for NFL & NBA programming at SiriusXM in New York City.