Suns Chris Paul Takes Shot At Ref In Post Game Presser

chris paul

Phoenix Suns veteran point guard Chris Paul wasn’t holding back when directing his ire at official Scott Foster, who officiated Game 3 of the Suns series with the Los Angeles Lakers, a game the Suns would lose handily.

Officiating has been at the forefront the entire series, heavily favoring the Lakers, and it was again in Game 3. Paul made note of it, several times during his post-game press conference, repeatedly noting that it is the 11th straight game that Paul has lost when Foster was an official for.

“Just try to be vocal” Paul said, according to BrightSideOfTheSun. “Try to match it with the energy…We got to try to limit their free-throw attempts. They’re shooting a lot of free throws, last game, tonight. If I was a betting man, 11 games in a row (the number of playoff games he has lost consecutively with Foster officiating a game he has played in). Eleven games in a row”

“It is what it is, keep trying to get ready. Like I said, prepare always, always. And we’ll see what happens. Eleven in a row.”

“Look at our defensive coverages, see how we can limit the layups and the dunks. Seemed like they made shots sort of later in the game, we got a lot of great looks earlier. And just keep fighting. Keep fighting. Eleven in a row is tough.”

Paul is dealing with a shoulder injury that has significantly impacted his play, and the Suns play since Game 1 of the series. Paul and the Suns will look to tie the series up in Game 4 on Saturday.