Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer Reportedly Facing Big Suspension

trevor bauer

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer could reportedly be facing a big suspension from Major League Baseball which could be up to at least a year, according to a number of league sources per ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

Bauer, the reigning National League Cy Young, is under investigation by MLB and California authorities for alleged sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

“Regardless of whether Bauer is charged with a crime, sources around the sport told ESPN they expect the league to levy a significant suspension against the 30-year-old,” Passan wrote in the report. “Further, front-office officials question not just whether the reigning National League Cy Young Award winner will return to the field with the Dodgers but if any team in MLB will be willing to roster him after multiple women have accused him of abuse.”

“Almost everyone” Passan spoke to believes Bauer won’t pitch for a Major League team again:

“Now, that could be prisoner-of-the-moment talk. Plenty of things can change. All it takes is one team to convince itself Bauer is worth the repercussions. Five players on major league rosters today were once suspended under the policy. Never is a long time.

“But the details of the allegations, Bauer’s reputation as a difficult personality, teams’ fear of public backlash and a climate in which allegations of sexual assault have far deeper repercussions than at any time before are like four walls converging on Bauer. As great of a pitcher as he may be, sources said they had a difficult time envisioning a path back into the good graces of the league and the team.”