Bradley Beal Talks Wizards Improved Play This Season

bradley beal

The Washington Wizards have shown improved play this season, and it’s notable that superstar Bradley Beal is getting big time help from the veteran’s, no longer having to shoulder everything in order for the team to win.

Beal notched 30 points during Washington’s shocking upset over the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks, and following the game he took the time to praise his supporting cast as the team continues to find success to open the regular season.

“Not having to make every play and do everything, I can really focus on a lot of other things in a game — especially my defense, more or less,” Beal said, according to NBC Sports. “It’s an amazing feeling knowing you have vets when it’s time to close out a game and win a game, they’re prepared.”

“They know what to do, and we’re all camaraderie wise ready to go,” he continued. “You can look at the guy next to you and know that he’s been in this trench before.”

Wizards head coach Wes Unseld Jr. discussed how the team has morphed this season.

“The nature of our group, we’ve been able to pull together relatively quickly with so many new pieces,” he said. “New coach obviously, staff and philosophy, it’s a lot to ask. For the most part, guys have been great with their effort and also locked in as far as what we’re trying to do. Big picture, I think they see now — and that’s where you get more buy-in.”