Brian Flores Discusses Stephen Ross Allegedly Bribing for Tanking

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Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores shook the NFL to it’s core when he filed a lawsuit alleging racism in the NFL’s coach hiring process, but the biggest tidbit that came out of the lawsuit were, in part, allegations that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered Flores $100,000 per loss as the Dolphins were attempting to tank in 2019 to land the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Flores appeared on CBS this morning and continued to go after Ross and the Dolphins, who he believes retaliated for his non-compliance by creating a narrative that Flores was difficult to work with, a talking point that played a role during his interview process with NFL teams this offseason.

Flores was in the running for a few head coach openings, but did not receive a formal offer, and claims that he never had a chance in any as he feels his process was hollow.

“To attack the integrity of the game, that’s what I felt was happening in that instance, and I wouldn’t stand for it” Flores said. “I think it hurt my standing within the organization and that’s why I was let go.”

Flores’ lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, told CNN that they have “corroborating evidence” to prove this allegation.

Ross reportedly wanted Flores to try to recruit Tom Brady which would have been a clear violation of the league’s tampering rules, but Flores did not take part.

Flores’ lawsuit brings a lot of things to light, all negatives, but the most damning are the claims levied against the Dolphins and Ross, who has dealt with the Bullygate scandal and a coach doing cocaine while at work, during his unsuccessful tenure.

Many believe that, if proven, it can be grounds for the NFL to force Ross to sell the team, which, given Ross’ blunders and lack of success, may be a welcome change for Dolphins fans.