Shane McMahon Reportedly ‘Quietly Let Go’ By WWE

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Shane McMahon’s return to WWE was apparently short-lived and reportedly chaotic, as reports are stating that McMahon has been “quietly let go” by WWE following the 2022 Royal Rumble where McMahon generated a lot of backstage heat, according to Ringside News.

McMahon, who was among those to produce the Royal Rumble match, received a ton of backstage heat for “attempting to book the Rumble around himself” and for what many perceived as “openly burying” producer Jamie Noble, who was also responsible for the match.

McMahon’s strong performance in the match created negative buzz on social media, with fans complaining about McMahon overshadowing other superstars. It appears it would have not stopped there as McMahon was slated for a match at Wrestlemania, with his likely opponent being Seth Rollins, but a match against WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was also reportedly on the table of options.

Per the report, WWE writers were told in a ‘semi-quiet way’ that there will be no more creative discussions regarding Shane McMahon, and that they have now moved on to other creative discussions.

Vince McMahon has been using the term “let go” to describe the situation with Shane.