Cowboys Likely Using Franchise Tag on Dalton Schultz

dallas cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys appear to be poised to make some tough decisions entering the offseason, and one of them is how they will utilize the franchise tag as they address the future of players such as Randy Gregory and Dalton Schultz.

The Cowboys appear to be set to release wide receiver Amari Cooper, which will already be a big blow to the offense, and it seems that they will be utilizing the franchise tag on Schultz to keep some of the offensive firepower in tact.

According to the Dallas Morning News’ Calvin Watkins, the Cowboys are leaning towards using the franchise tag on Schultz instead of Gregory. The Cowboys have until Tuesday afternoon to make a decision.

Dallas reportedly has every intention in keeping Gregory in town, regardless of how they utilize their franchise tag this offseason, and the expectation is that Gregory will remain with the Cowboys, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

“The Cowboys planned for free agency with two franchise-tag candidates in mind: Schultz and edge rusher Randy Gregory. Schultz is the more likely option, but that’s the line of thinking. Still, they don’t want to lose Gregory, and many around the league expect him to stay.”