Colts’ Jonathan Taylor Doesn’t Care About Potentially Shattering NFL Records

Jonathan Taylor

When it comes to potentially shattering NFL records next season, Indianapolis Colts superstar running back Jonathan Taylor has made it quite clear that he doesn’t really care about records if wins aren’t involved.

Taylor is coming off a breakout season in 2021, where he placed his name among the very best running backs in the entire league, and the Colts are hopeful that he can pick up where he left off as they inch closer to the start of the 2022 regular season.

Colts head coach Frank Reich believes that he could break all the NFL records if Taylor can get the necessary carries.

But, for Taylor, it’s all about the wins.

“You can have all the yards and all the records, and if you don’t get the wins, what does it all mean? I just don’t care” Taylor said, according to Pro Football Talk.

Taylor and the Colts have high hopes for the season, as former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is now under center for the Colts, and hopes are high in Indianapolis.