Von Miller Talks Difference From Playing for Bills, Broncos

Von Miller

Buffalo Bills star pass rusher Von Miller is already enjoying his time with the organization, and he is already talking about the support he has been feeling from the Bills fanbase since his arrival this offseason.

While Miller spent the majority of his career with the Denver Broncos, Miller sees a big difference in Buffalo.

“First and foremost, it’s different” Miller said during an interview with Michael Irvin. “It’s way different in L.A. It’s way different in Denver. But I feel like we got genuine people that genuinely care about you. That genuinely want to see you win.”

“I spent most of my time here at the facility. All the coaches and infrastructure of the team – the ops, the equipment staff, they do whatever you can to win. They really pour their soul and their heart into trying to make you better. And you can definitely feel it.”