Cardinals’ Kyler Murray Frustrated by Struggles

Kyler Murray

The Arizona Cardinals season has not gone according to plan, with their record dropping to 2-4 on the season following their loss on Sunday to the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field, and quarterback Kyler Murray is frustrated.

The offense has looked out of sorts this season, and it’s something that is new for head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

“No, not yet since I’ve been a coach,” Kingsbury said, according to ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss. “Just not being able to find rhythm as an offense, new to me. So, we’re going to continue to work at it. Personnel-wise, see how we can move things around, and scheme-wise, see how we get better because it’s a six-game view and it hasn’t been good enough.”

Murray also aired his frustrations.

“That’s the last time s—‘s felt this hard,” Murray sstated. “We just feel it’s tough out there right now. Tough. That’s what it feels like. A lot of it it’s self-inflicted, put it on ourselves. Gotta get better.”

“Just feels like we moved the ball, we get to a certain area, get a long first down, next play we’re second-and-10, that’s tough to do,” he said. “It’s tough [place] to be in.

“We’re not doing things right right now.”

“I felt like we needed to convert that,” Kingsbury continued. “For a reason after that, it just felt like we lost some confidence or whatever. [We] didn’t play very good from that point on. Got to be able to convert those in that situation and unfortunately it didn’t work out and we didn’t recover well.”

“I gotta do a better job of making sure we’re running things that we can execute at a high level and be efficient and stay on schedule and score touchdowns,” Kingsbury said. “We just struggled throughout the season. So, it starts there, and then execution, routine plays that we make in practice and how we do it in practice has to carry over to the games, and right now it’s not for a reason.”