Browns GM Discusses Deshaun Watson’s Pending Debut

Deshaun Watson

Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry is doing his best to temper expectations, as Browns fans are building excitement for the debut of suspended quarterback Deshaun Watson, who is set to play in a few weeks.

The Browns are staying in the midst of things with a 3-5 record, and they hope to keep things that way as the inch closer to a Watson return.

Berry understands the fan excitement, but is also trying to temper those expectations.

“We spent a lot of time with Deshaun in the spring in camp and banked a lot of good reps during the time” he said, according to “That being said, like I don’t think that our approach isn’t to, really any quarterback, but you know, certainly with the time that Deshaun has had off to expect him to shoulder everything. That’s not necessarily how the team is designed or, you know, put together. I don’t know that that would be a fair ask for any quarterback. In a couple weeks, we’ll be in that world where we’re getting him ready to play and we’ll handle it appropriately.”

Berry said that Watson will start at quarterback, taking over for Jacoby Brissett, when the Browns take on the Houston Texans, Watson’s former team, on December 4th.

“It’s been great to have him back in the building,” Berry said of Watson. “He’s been focused on working on himself. He’s stayed in great shape. He’s been a part of the meetings. He’s done everything and more that’s been asked of him.

“We’ll be excited to have him when he can continue to ramp up football activities and get back on the practice field.”