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Devyn Tarr

Student at Ball State University. Indiana NewsLink reporter. Pre-TCOMM/Digital Sports Production major. Favorite teams are Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics.
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Biggest Surprises Of This NFL Season

Through 12 weeks, we have been treated to some great games, standout

Devyn Tarr Devyn Tarr

Top Five Teams In The NFL Going Into Week 9

Going into week 9, many teams are halfway through their schedule.  It's

Devyn Tarr Devyn Tarr

Predictions For NFC Division Champions

Unlike the AFC, the NFC divisions were completely up for grabs in

Devyn Tarr Devyn Tarr

Keys To Vikings Perfect Start

Believe it or not, the Vikings are looking good to this point.

Devyn Tarr Devyn Tarr

Patriots Week 4 Racap

It was bound to happen eventually, New England's luck ran out.  Being

Devyn Tarr Devyn Tarr

Predictions For AFC Division Champions

I know what you are thinking, "It's week 3 and this guy

Devyn Tarr Devyn Tarr