8 Pro Tips To Master in Fallout 4

It is no secret that Fallout 4 is a massive game. The scale of the explorable world has become the hallmark of both this and the The Elder Scrolls series. As the world itself has grown the game mechanics have become equally as vast, particularly in Bethesda’s first entry in to the modern console generation. Jumping in to this series can be daunting even with my primer entries, HERE and HERE, to get you on a moving, even if not quite a “running”, start. As I have progressed through the main story and nailed down more of the game’s nuances, here are a few Pro Tips that will allow you to get the most out of your gaming experience in the Commonwealth:

1- Get Scrappy:

Scrap Halo

Chances are you will never find that perfect weapon or armor piece. Break down your gear individually at your settlements to get the most crafting components possible. For more info on that, see my full Getting Scrappy entry!

2- Key Scratches:


While it may just look like ambient finishing, the scratches on the locks can be used as a visual guide while lock picking. Pay attention to what background scratches your bobby pin is either covering or aligning with and you will know where to resume if it breaks on you!

3- Be Polyamorous:


When you reach the highest affinity with a companion, you gain a unique perk! Hooray! However, there is no need to feel loyal with that one companion for the remainder of the game. Once earned, that perk remains in effect regardless of which companion you are currently exploring with. Play around with other companions to see who makes a fun traveling buddy and keep stacking up those perks!

4- Ammo Stockpiling:


On most difficulty settings, Ammo of any kind has a weight of zero. That means no matter how many .308 bullets, missiles, or energy cells you are carrying, they will never affect your total carry amount! Unfortunately, Grenades and Mines still do have a weight. Sorry, no walking armory for you!

5- Extra XP:


Aside from allowing access to extra loot, shortcuts, or disabling security measures, every time you pick a lock or hack a computer you are rewarded with extra XP! For a bonus double-dip, you can first pick the lock on a safe’s door and then hack the computer! Twice the XP for the same loot if your skills are high enough!

6- So “VATS” Where You Are!:

VATS obscured vision

If you’re worried about enemies hiding on you, you occasionally tap the VATS button even when there are none in sight. If there is an enemy within range, VATS will automatically snap to the nearest enemy that it can detect. This will trigger even through dense fog, smoke and debris, or if only a small sliver of the enemy peeks out from behind a wall. No one can hide from VATS!

7- Shoot Out Spotlights:

Shoot the Spotlights

If you find the associated magazine, you may have access to Spotlight Control after hacking a Security Terminal. If that isn’t an option of if you can’t get to the terminal with out dodging a Spotlight, you can always go old school infiltrator style and shoot them out! Find where the Spotlight is located, aim carefully, and shoot the bulb out when it becomes visible. The Spotlight is not detectable in VATS, so you are going to have to shoot this target manually!

8- SNEAK ATTACK!: Landing a sneak attack is a great way to score massive damage. With maxed out Ninja and Mister Sandman perks, you can score a 5.3x Damage Bonus if you shoot from the shadows, and even higher if you can land a melee strike!

Did I miss anything? Are there any other tips you could share with the community? Sound off in the comments!

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