Post Hype Fallout 4 DLC Breakdown – Automatron

Following up my previous post that was all sorts of giddy for the Fallout 4 DLC Announcement, the initial hype has calmed down enough so that I can make a more detailed breakdown for what we can actually expect from the DLC.


The mysterious Mechanist has unleashed a horde of evil robots into the Commonwealth, including the devious Robobrain. Hunt them down and harvest their parts to build and mod your own custom robot companions. Choose from hundreds of mods; mixing limbs, armor, abilities, and weapons like the all-new lightning chain gun. Even customize their paint schemes and choose their voices!

Cover Art Explanation

In this DLC we will receive a bit of story expansion and…well, I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. As stated before, we will be revisiting the Mechanist of Fallout 3 lore, and this time (s)he has upped their game. Rather than going toe-to-toe with the Ant-agonist, the Mechanist has assembled a robot army. Being that they are making note of the one named “Robobrain”, I suspect that one will be particularly nasty.

In the cover art for the DLC, I notice a few things:

  1. The robot that’s getting blasted by our overly heroic Sole Survivor is an Assaultron, given it’s cyclopean central camera. These robots are new to the Fallout series, and my experience with them has been such that it is BY FAR better to deal with them from a distance!
  2. That is a MASSIVE robot in the background! No word on what that monstrosity is, as in if that’s the new Mechanist, if it’s Robobrain, or if it is just a massive robot that we will have to fight through. (Liberty Prime, a little back up here?)
  3. The Sole Survivor is holding on to a Laser Pistol in this cover art. This is interesting to me since that was the weapon used by the Mechanist in Fallout 3.
  4. The name of the DLC, “Automatron”, suggests a female gender. The word itself is reminiscent of “Automaton” meaning, “A mechanical figure or contrivance constructed to act as if by its own motive power; robot.” However, with the presence of the additional “r” in the final syllable it now suggests a combination of Automaton and “Matron” meaning, “a married woman, especially one who is mature and staid or dignified and has an established social position.” Either I am reading too much in to this, or is it possible that the new Mechanist is the wife or former wife of the original Mechanist?

The Mechanist and Robobrain


The best way to understand what is going on with the Mechanist is to go back to Fallout 3 and revisit the quest line, “The Superhuman Gambit“. In short, it’s a side quest in which the Lone Wanderer gets caught up in a super campy superhero spat. The Mechanist plays the part of the superhero and the Ant-agonist plays the part of the supervillian, or “Antagonist”. (Hooray puns!) Both have their own secret bases where they command an army of their own theme. The Mechanist has his machines and the Ant-agonist has her legion of Giant Ants.

Both were operating under the premise that they were taking on something bigger than themselves. Idealists, if you will, existing in a world of near anarchy and with a disposable military-like force. Scary thought. What is potentially even scarier is what this “Robobrain” will be. From my personal dystopian sci-fi experience, it will either be

  1. a super-mech that we’re going to have to take down, kinda like that massive bot of destruction that’s in the backgound
  2. a biomechanical brain that controls a slew of other bots that we will have to blast our way through, or
  3. a very special bot that we may be able to recruit as a buddy, and then upload its AI to replicate in to our own personal robot army.

Robot Army

What could possibly go wrong with creating your own robot army?

Anything is possible with an unlimited supply of expendable resources

Then there’s the other half of this DLC: Building your own robot companions. While that sounds all fun and good, what exactly are we supposed to do with them? I see that in the description that companions is plural, so it is not like we are going to gain access to an AI and swap out parts for a particular travel buddy. In fact, we are even going to be able to choose from a variety of voices and paint jobs.

In Fallout: New Vegas we were able to have, in effect, two companions simultaneously. Well, more like one and a half. The “one” would be an actual humanoid. My preference was Boone, since that guy was deadly at a distance and had a nice strong back to carry my gear. After that we were allowed an additional companion, in the form of either Rex or ED-E. Not quite a full companion, but at least ED-E played some awesome battle music when it when in for the assault!

As for these new robotic companions, I have to wonder if they will be treated as a full companion or if they will be handled in a way similar to that of Fallout: New Vegas. If they are treated as a “half” companion, I hope we get to line them up in our settlements like we display our Power Armor suits!

Worth It?

As someone who purchased the season pass when I picked up my copy of Fallout 4, ofcourse I’m going to download this! It has already been paid for, so why not?

However, if you are planning on purchasing this DLC Separate, that would be a different situation. Looking back on this post, you will be getting a pretty good quantity of content. You’ll be getting a whole new expansion with characters that I anticipate will be quite entertaining. The original Mechanist quest line was a bit cheeky and a fun distraction for while it lasted. As for the “Build your own Robot” part, meh. It’s not really my thing. Sure, I spent some time building up a couple of my settlements, but that was just for a brief interlude between quests. I never go in to any of the “Sim” games and I have never touched Minecraft. When crafting my weapons or armor, I focused on the most powerful mods that complimented my play style and stuck with them. I am sure that I’ll tinker around with the robot maker, but I doubt I’ll be spending much time with it.

Still, the price tag of $9.99 USD seems like a solid deal. You’ll be getting both a campaign expansion and a bit of fluff.

So what do you guys thing? Are you getting hyped for the DLC? Has the wasteland given you enough dystopia for this year? Sound off in the comments!

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