Destiny’s Live Stream Outlines New Events

Yesterday, Bungie hosted the first of three Twitch broadcasts outlining the details for the upcoming Update, due out April 12, 2016. While a few details can be found on the official Bungie site HERE, You can also watch the archived broadcast HERE.

The intent of this broadcast was to focus on the new challenges that will be implemented in the upcoming April Update. To those ends, there were two main points that were focused on. These points are the increased Light Level and the modernization of the Prison of Elders.


For those who may not fully understand the concept of Light Level, here’s the quick explanation: After you reach experience Level 40, your character (Guardian) gains further power by equipping gear that has been infused with the power of “Light”. The higher the Light rating, the more powerful your Guardian.

For the first update, fans of the Destiny game will readily see the significance of the Light Level increase. Currently, the max level for a Guardian to achieve is Light Level 320. Obtaining 320 gear is only possible by obtaining Raid Gear from The Taken King. Once the April Update rolls out, gear with a possible 335 Light Level will become available, allowing you to further increase the power of your Guardian. Additionally, other in-game activities will have increased gear drops. From the official Bungie Update:


Kingsfall Normal drops increased to light level 320. Kingsfall Hard drops increased to light level 330. Court of Oryx Artifact Drops increased to light level 335

This should help those who have been stuck at 319 forever finally get over that threshold!Or, if you’re like me, you’re stuck at 296 because you can never find the time to run a full Kingsfall Raid…

Late in the broadcase, we were able to catch a glimpse of one of the new weapons available with the 335 Light Level. Below, we see the first image of “Her Fury”, a Legendary Sniper Rifle:

Complete with the Queen’s emblem on the side.

What is most notable to me is the inclusion of the two node to the left hand side of the upgrade tracker. They were careful not to have their cursor hover over the nodes so we couldn’t get a screen capture of their text, but it is interesting that there is RED inside those nodes as opposed to the standard white silhouette.  As to what that means we will have to wait until a future broadcast!


This is where the bulk of the broadcast focused on, and I was able take a ton of notes! To prevent this from being excessively long, I’ll give you the rest of the important info in a bulleted format:

  • Varricks now has POE Bounties! Things like “Headshots” or “Orbs of Light Generated.” The operate like all other bounties you’ve encountered and build POE rep.
  • Taken POE Node! A heightened level for POE, Light Level 320.
  • No Keys Required for the POE Chest! I’m guessing since there are no more Wolf Patrols around, so why bother making Guardians hunt them?
  • PvP type Point System Implemented in POE! Keep track of your points on a Sigil, available from Varriks for 100 Glimmer. Hitting milestones will grant you 335 Gear. These miles stones include a Team high score of 30,000 to gain a 335 Weapon and a 90,000 cumulative score across all attempts to gain 335 Armor.
  • Kill’em Quick! If Varriks gets impatient, he’ll take points away!
  • The will be a bonus point multiplier for specific actions. In the case of the broadcast, it was Critical Shot Kills. These bonus point value increased with each round, from 90 in the first, 180 in the second, and 270 in the third.
  • New Gear! We’re not sure if these are new Armor sets or new Shaders, but we do know that they look AWESOME! Also, those are definitely new Weapons since weapons are not affected by Shaders.
Kill’em with STYLE!
  • Check points implemented! Woo hoo! now I can actually go eat without losing all my progress!
  • If your team wipes, you lose all point gained in that round. No Point farming!
  • 8 New Bosses! Time to learn some new mechanics!
  • Old Bosses have new abilities! In the case of the broadcast, the Pilot Servitor could Teleport more and drop Spider Mines. Keep moving, Guardians!


As mentioned before, this was only the first of three updates that Bungie has planned. Right now is absolutely critical for Bungie to keep their name in the news, since there has been a huge cut of gamers who have jumped ship over to The Division since its release.

Also keep in mind that we are still due a full DLC before the launch of Destiny 2!

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