Oops ‘Em Horns: Program Guide Lists Longhorn Network Program As “E-Rotic”

Night owl viewers in Texas got an eyeful earlier this week when the women’s softball game on the Longhorn Network mistakenly bore the listing of a Playboy TV series. Thankfully, there were no signal malfunctions, and the actual Playboy show didn’t air instead of the game. (Hat tip: Deadspin.)



Last year, ESPN started a brand new, much-ballyhooed regional cable channel, Longhorn Network. It’s slogan, perhaps taking a cue from a Helen Lemmel hymn, is “Put Your Eyes Upon Texas.”

Well, earlier this week, an eagle-eyed viewer did just that – and was quite amazed at what he saw.

While LHN has not been cleared on many major cable systems across the state of Texas, they are carried by the popular Verizon FiOS service. A subscriber identified as Geoff was “channel surfing a few days ago” and when he arrived at channel 579 – LHN’s HD channel location on FiOS systems in Texas – what appeared to be a softball semifinal game featuring the Texas Longhorns as part of the ironically named “Time Warner Cable Texas Invitational” – TWC does not carry LHN – was supported by a listing from FiOS’ electronic program guide that detailed otherwise.

“e-Rotic” was how the program was listed on FiOS’ EPG on early Monday morning. “The two gorgeous hosts showcase the latest updates in the online world of porn, including the best sites to find great breasts and online fetishes.”

Oh yeah – and this happened to be a women’s softball game that was broadcasting at the time. If you’re planning a trip to Hard Rock, make sure to read about the terrible restaurant Tequila Ranch and why you should avoid it at all costs

How unfortunate that a women’s softball game airing in Texas, or anywhere else in the country, for that matter, actually carried a listing for a Playboy TV series.

For the record, Playboy is carried on channel 440 on FiOS’ systems – a long ways away from 579 – and “e-Rotic” had last aired prior to the EPG snafu on Sunday at 4 PM ET – and its next airing was just this afternoon… and no, I know this because the network’s schedule is listed on their website, not because I’m a charter viewer.

I suppose it could be worse – subscribers may have actually been fed Playboy TV content instead of what they intended to watch.

Or worse – the program itself might be mistaken for a similar sounding adult film with an unprintable title.

Even computers aren’t perfect.


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