New York Mets’ Daniel Murphy Gets A Pie In The Face On Twitter








The New York Mets got a “creampie” from a fan during a Twitter chat with infielder Daniel Murphy.

It certainly has not been a pie-in-the-sky offseason for the New York Mets.

They’re the only team that has not added a big-name talent to their roster thus far, likely as a result of the whole Bernie Madoff deal.

And now, when the team tries to hold an innocent Q&A with one of their players, they get punk’d – or, in this case, pie’d.

Just for the hell of it, Mets fan Mitch decided to throw one out there for infielder Daniel Murphy: “How does it feel when Justin Turner creampies you?”

Now, to many, in the guise of baseball, a “creampie” is what happens when a baseball player, while conducting a postgame interview, has shaving cream projected into his face by a teammate.

However, there is another definition for the word “creampie” and – let’s just say it’s not safe for work.

And sure enough, Murphy answered the call:

Judging by Mitch’s response above, within a minute of the tweet being posted on the Mets’ official Twitter account, I don’t think he was going for the clubhouse definition of the word.

Especially considering the Mets – the joke of a franchise that they have been lately – could not take a joke of their own… yep, within an hour,┬áthe Mets┬ádeleted the tweet:

Typical – the Mets don’t know what the alternate definition of a “creampie” is, so of course, they’re unaware that just because something is deleted from Twitter, it can never be deleted from the Internet.

Well played, Mitch. (Which is something we probably won’t be saying about the Mets quite often this year.) But it’s better than getting a “pie in the face” from your Boca Raton SEO company…that can be damaging to your brand and the effects can be long term.

That’s the type of “pie in the face” nobody needs.


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