Philadelphia Flyers: A Tale of Two Gudas’- Freshly Updated!

Illustration by John McLenan

Illustration by John McLenan from

The drawing is not exactly the Philadelphia Flyer Radko Gudas, but he’s hairy, in a bad boy box and writing “Blood” on the wall.  It probably was not what John McLenan had in mind when he illustrated Charles Dickens’ “Tale of Two Cities”, but few things more closely resemble Gudas’ first 57 games this season in spirit or in public domain.  There’s a lot to talk about when Radko Gudas comes up, but the big story is his last 10 games and that they have showed us a new and very different Gudas.

“It was the best of Gudas’, it was the worst of Gudas, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…” so says Charles Dickens in the Tale of Two Cities and Radko Gudas’ place in it.  However, it is amazing how well the above passage applies to the Philadelphia Flyers season so far, it’s like Dickens knew it was coming.

I am enjoying the exciting, new, productive and clutch Radko Gudas that has been on the ice as of late.  It has been a lovely surprise.  The Philadelphia Flyers defenseman has played 67 games this season, but the last 10 have told a much deeper story about the Czech Republic born hockey player.  Clark Kent may be turning into Super Man before our very eyes.

For most of the season he has been know for his short temper, being the closest thing Philadelphia has to an enforcer and a penalty box regular who made the team pick up the difference in the way of penalty kills.  The last 10 games has shown what he is capable of outside the penalty box.  He has the ability to be a well tempered, clutch player who makes game winning goals and contributes to his team.

In his first 57 games of this season (as of 3-25-2016), he was a staple in the penalty box with 98 penalty minutes during that time. a average of 1.72 minutes per game.  In the last 10 games, he has 10 minutes, making his average 1 minute per game, a distinct 42% minutes fewer per game.  This is a very important change as play off spots are made and lost by taking penalties.  He has 5 goals in the past 10 games compared to none over the first 57 games of this season.  He tallied 6 assists in the first 57 games (.11 per game) and 3 in the last 10, .3 per game, a 272% increase, a very big difference right when it is needed!  His point total in the last 10 games is 8 (.8 points per game), up 727% from 6 point over 57 games, .11 points per game.  The Flyers playoff push has been a great showcase for Radko Gudas, showing that he is more than the team hammer.

Below is a video of Radko Gudas fighting Marcus Foligno and charging Daniel Catenacci.  The they both were a five minute majors, but the second was unnecessary and unkind to both Catenacci and Gudas’ teammates who had to kill both penalties.  Not the Gudas we want to see!

Video from on

It would be interesting to know how the season would have been if the kinder, gentler and goal scoring Gudas was on the ice.  The Flyers may have had a playoff position in the Metropolitan division instead of chasing a wild card spot.  It is time to use some math and imagination!

Hypothetically speaking, applying the above information about the last 10 games to all 67 games he has played, his statistics might include 1 penalty minute per game (which would more realistically translate to 1 two minute penalty per game), 32 goals (.48 per game) and 21 assists (.31 per game).  The goals could exceed and the assists could be comparative to Captain Claude Giroux with 70 games, 21 goals (.3 per game) and 41 assists (.6 per game) ; Brayden Schenn with 71 games, 24 goals (.34 per game) and 28 assists (.4 per game); and Wayne Simmonds with 73 games, 25 goals (.34 per game) and 26 assists (.36 per game).  The hypothetical Gudas would probably slump here or there like real players, but the results show that him playing like he has been for the whole season would make him a force to be reckoned with!

Below is Gudas scoring against the Columbus Blue Jackets, this Gudas we need more of!


It is hard to say where exactly what game these goals would land in, but there are 13 games so far that went on to overtime and/or shoot outs where 1 goal would have been the game winner.  There are 6 that could have tied the game and lead to possible wins.  13 more post regulation wins could have meant 13 more points for the Flyers, giving them a total of 98 so far.  That would place them in the Metropolitan Divisions second play off spot behind the Washington Capitals, who have 111 points to date and semi comfortably ahead of the New York Rangers, who have 92 points and Pittsburgh Penguins, who have 88 points so far.  This doesn’t even count the 6 games that may have been won or gone to overtime and the points yielded.

Hypothetical land is not a real land and does not take slumps, injuries of Gudas or his teammates into consideration, but it does illustrate the possibilities that may arise if the playoff push Gudas played like this all year, he has a lot of potential.  It is not clear if it the playoff frenzy or the coaching of Dave Hakstol that has turned this angry duckling into a goal scoring swan, but I want to see more!


The somewhat unfortunate and not penalty catching hit that Radko Gudas gave the Arizona Coyotes captain Shane Doan in the 3rd period caused him to leave the game with almost 14 minutes left on the clock.  Some Coyotes thought the hit to be a little naughty and thought a penalty should have been called.  It was a very unfortunate hit, but being an offshoot of the Radko Gudas brand, more people on ice, in those sassy little stripped shirts and fans were suspicious of his intent.  Shane Doan was checked out and found to be okay, though Martin Hanzal took offense to it and returned the hit to the Flyers Captain Clause Giroux ; “When somebody goes after your captain, that’s usually what happens, we made sure we finished strong because you want to stick up for your captain.” Hanzal said of the incident.  Giroux was clearly unconscious as some points ad dazed at others, causing any one who bleeds orange and black, player or fan, to get nervous as the Flyers playoff hopes would sharply recede with their captain injured.  However, he said “he felt fine” afterwards and returned to play in the Monday game against the Winnipeg Jets, even scoring the oh so magical game winning goal, assisted by the oh so magical Shayne Gostisbehere.

Gudas’ hit was deemed clean, but his reputation and beard will follow him with every check.  A solution; SCORE MORE GOALS,  every one knows he can now.


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