Mr. Ed Snider was Remembered and the Philadelphia Flyers were Walloped by Washington Capitals


Photograph by John Clark

This article covers and uses tweets from games one, two and three of the Philadelphia Flyers/Washington Capitals series in the playoffs for the Stanley Cup.  You have been warned, read with caution.

The 1st game of the post season ended in a 2-0 shut out loss to the Capitals, which saw the Flyers failing to turn numerous power plays into scoring and a series ending upper body injury for Sean Couturier.  Reckless play lead to reckless penalties that in the end hurt their game; Flyers defenseman Mark Streit said; “We have to be a little bit more disciplined, I thought we took too many penalties. I think that gave them a lot of momentum. The danger is on their PP and for the most part we did a pretty good job.”

Little Miss Jen@FlyersFanLMJ – Flyers need to rework their power play. Their inability to score with the man advantage hurt them tonight. Can’t let this happen again.

The game left the heart feeling like it was put in a waffle maker and then the waffle maker was thrown while plugged into a bath tub that the soul was using.

“Claude Giroux’s post game snack was whatever got thrown at him because only winners get grilled cheese sandwiches of victory”- this post game snack would later haunt players, fans alike and you unintentionally foreshadowing author.

Game one scuffles and highlights lie below.

Video from YouTube’s Official NHL Channel

During the second game, shots on goal increased dramatically from 19 to 42 in game one for Philadelphia, which paid off at 9:37 into the second period by Jakub Voracek, getting the Flyers on the board for the first time in the series.  There were fewer power plays for the Flyers compared to the first game, but they still could not capitalize on the opportunity, a common theme forming in the series.  Another common them is Philadelphia goalie Steve Mason’s inconsistency, which cost the Flyers a goal deflected from the neutral zone by Jason Chimera at 2:26 into the second period.  Mason spoke thusly on moving on from the weak goal; “You just have to have a short memory, it sucked. It’s a crappy feeling. I just completely messed up on it. It should have been a simple play for me. I messed up.”  The final score was 4-1, with the Capitals securing their second win the series.

Little Miss Jen@FlyersFanLMJ Mason making saves like that makes that weak goal so frustrating.

Claude Giroux’s post game snack is the left over salad dressing from the containers after the salads were eaten from because only winners get grilled cheese sandwiches of victory.

See below for Jakub Voracek scoring the first Philadelphia Flyers first goal in the series, the goal that broke 10,000 hearts and other game two highlights below.

Video from YouTube’s Official NHL Channel

Game three had a beautiful start and lovely sentiment; honoring the memory of the recently passed Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider.  His initials were painted into the ice and fans were given bracelets that created a beautiful fan driven pre game sparkle in the Wells Fargo Center that dazzled many.  A moving video tribute to Mr. Snider, his love for his team and many accomplishments left many in tears, players in both line ups included.  Flyers anthem singer Lauren Hart wore a tribute jersey with “Snider” on the back an sang the traditional “God Bless America” duet with Kate Smith on the big screen as they do before any important game.  The atmosphere was beautiful and positive.

The emotion carried over into the first period with the Flyers Michael Raffl scoring less than a minute into the game, leaving players inspired and fans ecstatic, “It was crazy, it was so much fun and emotional the first 10 minutes. People were going wild. It was absolutely amazing.” he said of the Wells Fargo Center and everyone in it.

See the lovely and touching tribute and Lauren Hart and Kate Smith sing “God Bless America” below.  If you have seen it, watch it again because it is gorgeous.

Video from ThatGuyInPhilly on

However, this was only a delay in the Philadelphia Flyers downward trend, the slow descent into unpleasantness hit a tipping point in game three. With five goals being scored by the Capitals on the power play.  The Capitals answered Raffl’s goal minutes later at 4:43 into the first period with Marcus Johansson finding the back of the net while on the power play.  In the second period at 8:50 in, Alexander Ovechkin extended Washington’s lead to 2-1, the only goal not scored on the power play that night by Washington.

The Capitals started the scoring early in third period with Evgeny Kuznetsov scoring at 1:58 in with their next goal coming at 7:37 by John Carlson.  The goal by Carlson was a rebound after Mason dropped the initial shot on goal from Justin Williams.  From here, the third period dissolved into a horrible down sucking swamp of embarrassment and sadness.  The Flyers were not able to develop any kind of momentum, the game was over, the end horn just didn’t sound for another twelve 1/2 minutes.   Flyers coach Dave Hakstol confirmed what every one else already knew; “The third goal-against, the way it happened, the first time it’s happened to us in a while, it took the wind out of our sails.”  The game would have been remembered more fondly if it had ended right there.  Then would have been a good time to pull goalie Steve Mason and put in Michael Neuvirth.  It would have given him an opportunity to get some play off experience and ready him for a potential start on Wednesday for game 4, but coach Dave Hakstol kept Mason in until the nitty gritty end.

Rachel Pai@paiphotographySo many bad words are coming out of my mouth right now, the neighbors might start to wonder if I’m beating somebody up over here….

Flyer Pierre Eduoard Bellemare hit Capital Dmitry Orlov from behind that resulted in pandemonium both on and off the ice.  At 12:17 Pierre Eduoard Bellemare, Radko Gudas and Ryan White received respective checking from behind and game misconduct, misconduct and more misconduct penalties after they and Capitals players began entwined in what could be a described as a Flyers insighted tangly wangly mess of flesh and anger.  In frustration some terribly behaved “fans” (which was later determined to be les than .5% of those in attendance) turned something beautiful into something very, very ugly; they began throwing their light up bracelets given to fans to include them in the pre game ceremony honoring the life of Ed Snider.  Announcer Lou Nolan admonished and warned fans; “This is Philly, this is not somewhere else in the NHL, have some class.” and told them “Okay, those fans that were classless enough to throw these … next one that’s out there is going to cause us a minor penalty.”  When the bad behavior did not end, the crowd received a “Way to go” from Lou Nolan and the Flyers received a penalty.  The ice was not the only target of the crowd; recently hit Dmitry Orlov was also hit with the once sentimental souvenirs.  In an effort to redeem the crowd and their own sense of honor, Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds joined Capitals Captain Alexander Ovechkin of the ice and appealed to fans to stop the disrespectful display.  Simmonds said the behavior was “Embarrassing” and said after wards “I know they’re upset in that situation, but that can’t happen.”

The penalties essentially rendered the Capitals on the power play for the remainder of the game.  Alexander Ovechkin tallied his second goal of the evening at 14:48 and Jay Beagle scored Washington’s sixth goal for the evening with 2:40 left in the game.  The final scored was 6-1 with the Capitals scoring five of those goals on the power play, leaving a gaggle of broken hearted Flyers fans who felt like their happy place was trampled by a herd of angry and flaming moose.  There were giant antlers and hooves everywhere.  This raises the question; is having game four at the Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday really a home ice advantage?

Claude Giroux’s post game snack is the refuse that was thrown at him, because grilled cheese sandwiches of victory are for winners only.

See the beauty of the beginning as well as the melee and meltdown of game three below.

Video from YouTube’s Official NHL Channel


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