The Philadelphia Flyers Only Needed 11 Shots To Beat The Washington Capitals 2-0!



The Philadelphia Flyers entered the Verizon Center for game five after their first victory in the post season two days earlier.  They have avoided a sweep and now desperately fight to stay in the series and the post season.  The open and the close of the game left fans both elated and exhausted.

Just 10 seconds into the first period, Philadelphia Flyer Brayden Schenn and Washington Capital T.J. Oshie partook in the fisticuffs and Schenn was enthusiastically and gloriously impinging his clenched manus upon Oshie’s face in rapid repetition.  As jazzed as the Flyers were and as a-flutter the hearts of fans elsewhere were, it did not provide the jump start to the team and Philadelphia was dominated by Washington throughout the first period, being outshot 6 to 14, although neither team scored.


The Flyers had many power play chances that failed to amount to a goal in the first period and most of the periods they have played before and definitely all the ones that came after.  They should really make a new name for power plays when they apply to the Flyers so it becomes a more accurate.  Some suggestions to mull over; the having more people playing than their opponent does play, the opportunity to create awesomeness but they probably won’t play, or the hey one of the other teams guys went away for a while play.  Any of these would be an applicable replacement for the Flyer’s mislabeled power play.  Although to be fair, it would be harder for Lou Nolan to announce “The Flyers are going on the Pecoooo having 20% more non goal tending players than the other guys play.”  Or, the Flyers could help Lou out by making their power plays powerful if all else fails.

Little Miss Jen@FlyersFanLMJ – Please get a power play goal, Flyers! Pretty please. With grilled cheese on top!


The second period was spruced up nicely with Ryan White putting the Flyers on the board first at 7:52 in the period assisted by Sam Gagner and Mark Streit.  The Flyers were prevailed again by the Capitals in shots on goal, having only 2 shots against the Capitals 16, which is impressive in its own way as 50% of the Flyers shots on goal were successful, where as Washington failed to get on the board.  Not impressive in a “The Flyers made many shots and spent a lot of time NOT in their own zone” kind of way, but a “The Capitals dominated the ice but couldn’t land any of their 16 shots and The Flyers got it done with 2” kind of way.



Since it was a one goal game and the Capitals furiously and desperately trying to even the score or win, most of the third period and especially the last 3-4 minutes were making Flyers fans heart’s into a mosh pit on trampline.  They didn’t speak, blink or breathe.  The last minutes of a playoff game with the series and season on the line are kind of like Narnia, it feels like ages pass while you’re there but return to the real world to find out virtually no time has passed.

Little Miss Jen@FlyersFanLMJ Flyers are gonna be the death of me. Hopefully I die happy.

Allison Snyder@wolfhead9 – give your goalie a break! the

vincent russo  @vrusso3250123 – He is like a brick wall tonight. Unbelievable goaltending

The Flyers only had 3 shots on goal for the third period, including the empty net goal scored by Philadelphia’s Chris VandeVelde, with  Pierre-Edouard Bellemare on the assist with just 31 seconds left in play, giving them a 33% success rate on their shots on goal.  The combined number of shots on goal from the Flyers in the periods they scored during can be counted on one hand by people who have all their digits.  Their shots on goal for the whole game can be counted on both hands and a single toe, they are super potent shots.

“I’ll take it this way, I’d rather have five shots and win the game than have *%#@$^ 40 shots and lose,” Jakub Voracek said.

The Flyers were desperately clinging to their lead with goalie Michal Neuvirth doing ice yoga, going into star fish mode and becoming a full on ice ninja just like “Sub-Zero” from the Mortal Kombat games.  He blocked every one of the 14 shots on goal from the Capitals and kept them in the game, letting all of his team mates hop on his back so he could carry them to victory.  I hope there is a thank you card made for that very situation.  Michal Neuvirth played like he was made of magic, high quality, gluten free, name brand magic with a total of 44 saves and a shut out.  The Flyers won 2-0.

Watch the Spiderman level saves and the pugilism below in the highlights; it will warm your heart and soul.

Video from the NHL’s Official Channel on YouTube

Neuvirth remarked of his evening; “I was just focused on myself. Just tried to go save by save. Like I said, I was feeling good the whole night.”

Michal Neuvirth’s team mates had a multitude of fabulous things to say about him.

Wayne Simmonds said of Neuvirth; “He played unbelievable, he was great. He’s the reason we won that game. He saves our butt sometimes and we save his butt sometimes. He definitely saved ours today. Neuvy stole one for us, that’s for sure. We know that. We’re going to have to play a lot better at home on Sunday and we will. We’ve just got to get to the win. That’s all.”

His Captain Claude Giroux shared his impression of his goalie’s game; “It was pretty impressive. The way he worked, it was pretty amazing. We did the best we could in front of them trying to eliminate the high-quality chances, and they were shooting pucks from everywhere. He did a good job of controlling the rebounds. It was pretty impressive.”

Goal scorer Ryan White expected nothing less than amazing from their puck blocking ice ninja; “We’re used to that from him He’s had a couple of games this year where he’s just stood on his head. He’s been such a competitor for us. He competes every day like that in practice, so we’re not really surprised. It’s nice that the team did a good job in front of him and battled hard for him and tried to keep most of the scoring chances to a minimum. He obviously made a few big saves that kept us in the game.”


The Washington Capitals have three wins and the Philadelphia Flyers have two wins in their playoff series.

Ryan White, Chris VandeVelde and Brayden Schenn get a gold star right on their forehead and Michal Neuvirth gets 4,689 wherever he wants them.

Claude Giroux’s post game snack was an extended grilled cheese sandwiches because that’s what series and season extending winners eat.



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