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Sports Rants provides a robust environment to host, manage and maintain your sports blog. We provide dozens of customizable design themes, powerful plugins and helpful information to help you start or continue a successful sports blog. Best of all, starting and continuing a sports blog on Sports Rants is FREE of charge.

In en effort to eliminate SPAM and those utilizing Sports Blogs in a manner not suited for our website we require that anyone interested in starting a Sports Blog on Sports Rants apply to do so.

Our Blogging system is capable of posting Audio, Video and can also be used as a .COM (See Here) for ultimate branding! We aren’t just capable of being a Blog host, but we can host your Sports Website!

Please keep in mind that hosting a blog on Sports Rants means you agree to our Terms of Service. This includes the condition that if your blog is being utilized for what we deem as SPAM behavior, abusive behavior or any other behavior we view as inappropriate, your blog will be deleted from our system. Sports Rants is not responsible for your blog, content, management, technical issues or it’s stability. You are also 100% responsible for any licensing fees related to images you use for your blog articles (ie: Getty Images)

You will have SEO Tools, Widgets, Theme Design Options and Blogging Tutorials available to you in the Dashboard of your blog should you need them.

We also implore bloggers to keep constant backups of your content and ensure that your blog is consistently managed and updated.

Via Elite Rank Media we offer Web Design Services (for your Sports Rants hosted blog) at an affordable rate. If you are interested please contact regarding these services. Web Design can include Logo Creation Services and prices vary.

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Your information will be reviewed and if accepted, you will receive an email with information regarding your sports blog setup (this is handled internally)




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