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SportsRantz 101 (How to Use the Site)

SportsRantz 101: A Complete Tutorial of Help

What better way to learn about how to use than videos?! So if you have any questions about how things work on SportsRantz we have you covered.

In this section you can find videos on Blogging, Forums, The Chat Bar, Achievements and also get a complete Tour of

So check them out and learn all about

For additional assistance please refer to the SportsRantz Support Forum


Blogging 101

Want to find blogs on SportsRantz? Want to know how to Create Your Own Sports Blog? We have two videos that are sure to help you find all the help, tips and information you will need when Blogging on

Click Here to Go to The Blogging Classroom


Forums 101

So you joined your favorite teams Group and NOW you want to participate in some forum discussions. Well we have you covered. Since Forums are the best way to unlock those BIG Achievements you’re going to want to participate and reply to Forum topics as much as possible.

Click Here to Go to The Forum Classroom


Chat Bar 101

We have a cool Chat Bar. You see it. We see it. But it’s sooooo much more than your typical, everyday website Chat Bar. We have so many cool features we had to make a short video where we check it all out.

Click here to go to the Forum Classroom Grand Tour

So you want to condense all the classes into one big tour…Ok..We have that too, so make sure you head on over and get on the bus for our Grand Tour of

Click here to take the Grand Tour



Want to learn how to unlock those cool little Achievements worth. We have you covered with our tutorial all about Achievements, how to unlock them and what they are used towards. Cool right? We thought so

Click here to Find Out all About Achievements



Syncing Your Ranter Profile to Your Twitter Stream

Who wants to choose between Twitter and SportsRantz?!? Not us! So we made it pretty simple to Tweet your Rantz without leaving!

Simply sync up your Twitter account with your SportsRantz profile and anytime you hit the Twitter bird after typing a post (before clicking Post) a hashtag to send it to your Twitter Account will be added.

Once you hit post, not only will your Rant appear in your Activity Stream, but also on your Twitter!

Click here to learn how to Sync Your Ranter Profile with Your Twitter Steam

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