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Tag: 2017 NFL Draft

The Blitz For Six – New England’s Pursuit Of Another Ring

Five months removed from the 2016-17 NFL season that began with Tom

Matt Ladd Matt Ladd

Quarterback Irony For Chicago Bears

Yesterday the Chicago Bears and Mark Sanchez finalized a one year deal.

Emily Gallizo Emily Gallizo

Is Kaepernick being TRUMP’D by NFL ?

The Former college all American and NFC champion quarterback Colin Kaepernick faced major

Brandon Blakney Brandon Blakney

The Cleveland Browns And A Quarterback

The Cleveland Browns are leaving 2016 with a 1-15 record. Will they

Emily Gallizo Emily Gallizo

Brandon Marshall: Where Will He Jet To Next?

After being on the Jets the last two years this NFL veteran

Emily Gallizo Emily Gallizo

Chicago Bears: When In Doubt, Safety It Out. Why Drafting A High End Safety Is Priority

2016 in Chicago did not have the year fans had hoped for.

Emily Gallizo Emily Gallizo

Patrick Mahomes II Has a Chance to Be “The Guy”

The NFL has a major problem on its hands regarding the quarterback

Ryan Bonds Ryan Bonds

Dallas Cowboys 7-Rd Mock Draft (01/31)

Following a disappointing loss to the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional

Zachary Cottam Zachary Cottam

NFL Mock Draft 1.0

Everyone's favorite part of the year, the NFL draft. When you assess

Malik Zorrok Malik Zorrok

The Breakdown: Mitch Trubisky

Mitch Trubisky came into the 2016 college football season as an unknown

Ryan Bonds Ryan Bonds