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Jaguars Release Tim Tebow

The Jacksonville Jaguars have released tight end Tim Tebow, who was attempting

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

Mets’ Tim Tebow Announces Retirement, Signaling Another End to Wilpon Era Antics

The always-doomed Tim Tebow farce is officially over. Tebow announced his retirement

Anthony E. Parelli Anthony E. Parelli

Grading the Current NFL Coaching Hires

(Photo by The Los Angeles Times) With five of six head coaching

Rajiv Bais Rajiv Bais

NFL Teams May Avoid the Draft to Find a Quarterback

(Photo by Sporting News) When you think of college football today, what

Rajiv Bais Rajiv Bais

Colin Kaepernick May Also be Marketing Bait for the San Francisco 49ers

(Photo by Once coach Chip Kelly named Colin Kaepernick the starting

Rajiv Bais Rajiv Bais

Winning Records for Quarterbacks Make You Losers

(Photo by Since the game of football has been played, one

Rajiv Bais Rajiv Bais

A Case of the Sundays: November 7th, 2011

Took a little hiatus from the series last week, so I apologize

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

On Second Thought (Part 1)

Who could have predicted the NFL season unraveling like it has. With

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

A Case of the Sundays: October 24th, 2011

Buckle down it's Monday! Which also means it's another edition of the

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

Tebow the Lead Steed in Denver

You can put away the chatter about when Tim Tebow will start,

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

Monday Night Mayhem – September 13th, 2011

So how about a historic Monday Night to cap off an amazing

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro