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We sure love our Twitter followers. But we love it even more when we are able to interact and engage our followers with various sports discussions. Sometimes even our followers will pose a question for us to ask.

We here at like to recognize our Rantin’ Followers when they shout us out, offer us good questions or even make a kick-ass blog on our site that gets Twitter excited. However you participate and help us make the best damn sports site on the web, we want to return the “love”.

So for those of you who do any of the above OR anything else we find particularly cool we are going to do TWO things:

1.) Give you 100 Points on the Leaderboard for

2.) Post A Link to your Twitter page on this page for a Day and Shout you out on Twitter

Pretty cool right? We thought so too!

So keep posted to both and our numerous Twitter accounts that we are going to list below so you can easily follow us! Keep Rantin’!!

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